Martin Luther's Graphic Biography a Work of Art

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Renegade: Martin Luther Graphic Biography

Darkness. Deep dark despair. Can you imagine not being surrounded by the light, truth, knowledge of the Gospel as we know it today?

I was enthralled by the vivid displays in words and art of the plight of Martin Luther. Truly this remarkable man suffered much for years before his mind was enlightened by ignoring the benighted teachers of his time. Showing boldness without regard for life, he desired to not just find fault with the misuse of power by the Church, but to declare a new interpretation of the scriptures based on his beliefs.

The story in RENEGADE: MARTIN LUTHER, THE GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY, is well told in dramatic eloquent fashion. It is a remarkable work, properly choosing not only what to share, but how to frame it around the profound impact Luther had upon Christianity. I was expecting more direct quotes, events, and moments in Luther's life, but it did accurately share the history surrounding not only his personal life, but also the Church, Germany, and prominent leaders of the time. What I enjoyed most was the professional graphical layout. I was very impressed, pleased, and highly recommend this work of art.