Pacific Rim: Uprising a Thrilling Sequel

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Pacific Rim Uprising

Ugh. It's just another boring sequel.

Those were my initial thoughts. I mean, when is the last time a sequel to a good action movie actually succeeded in living up to the expectations or originality of the first movie? I was glad I was proven wrong with PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING! I actually enjoyed this feature. It revived great memories of my childhood favorite cartoons, like Voltron, Transformers, and even GI-Joe. This kid was brought back to imagining being the  hero with--not superpowers--but the extraordinary opportunity to pilot a giant robotic weapon created as a last defense to save the world! Who doesn't want to learn to pilot a giant fighting robot against evil alien creatures? Kabaam! Pow! Rockets! Super Punch! Another victory for the hero!


The story picks up were the first movie ended. The world was saved, and humanity now relies on continuing the Jaeger Program by finding skilled teens who can meld together to pilot the legendary robots. New characters introduce here include a co-lead  with deep emotional scars caused by the loss of her family at the hands of the Kaiju. She meets the son of the one man who sacrificed himself to save the world, a skilled Jaeger pilot himself.  Mix in the scientific duo who manages to read the mind of the alien species, the CEO of a tech company, and a sinister diabolical plot from the evil villain who has been brainwashed into destroying humanity, and you have the setting of one fantastic show. 

This family friendly movie has tons of laughs and excitement, but a rather typical and predictable plot--just like the classic cartoons--that the young and young at heart will thoroughly enjoy. Great music, good acting, wonderful subtle special effects, and a hear warming classic ending. Don't forget the Milk Duds! 

4.0 / 5.0