Designated Survivor Season One on DVD

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Designated Survivor Season One

Are there truly individuals in politics that care more about service to country than themselves? Is it ever possible to take ambition, greed, hypocrisy, broken promises, and distrust out of Washington? Probably not, right? But what if you destroy every member of Congress, the entire Presidential Cabinet, Supreme Court, and their staff in one fatal blow? Who is left standing?

The Designated Survivor! The Lone Ranger--truth justice and the American way, but with a tie.

So who is the new President? Tom Kirkland, played by Keifer Sutherland, the least presidential actor in the long genre of White House dramas to date. And he’s actually a decent human being. He reminds me what it felt like to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to be part of the kind of America that you want to be believe in. The entire show has one purpose: to get you to believe! Government can and should be trusted. There are good people that want to serve. Everything is there to make you a believer: Thematic emotional driven music? Check. Soft-spoken, kind gentle acting? Check. Conspiracy? Check. Plot twists? Check.

Politics. It is all about "compromising one's principles, supporting ideas you don't believe in, and pushing an agenda important to others." And this new adventure down the conspiracy road of governmental distrust is a bunch of politics. Sadistically trapping you in the false pretense of hope and change, Designated Survivor provides a classical liberal approach to reaching deep into the emotional mindset of the agenda, with Pollyanna solutions to serious problems, and false patriotic pretense wrapped deeply in the classical red, white and blue themes that make hearts bleed. Warning label required for proper consumption.