Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Series on DVD

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Pretty Little Liars - Complete Series

The secret is out! All PRETTY LITTLE LIARS msut come to an end!

The mystery begins in the small town of Rosewood when four teenage girls -- Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields -- receive threatening messages from someone named "A" after the murder and disappearance of their queen BFF, Alison DiLaurentis. What follows are seven suspenseful, scandalous and terrifying seasons, as the girls spin a sticky web of secrets and lies in order to unearth the very not pretty truth about what happened to Alison.

Follow team PLL as their friendship deepens over heartbreaking love lives, complicated parents, high school, college and careers -- all as they uncover shocking secrets while exposing a murderous conspiracy. Based on the best-selling series by Sara Shepard, The Complete Series contains all seven crush-worthy seasons -- and now YOU have the opportunity to win your own copy. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is featured in this years Critical Blast Gift Guide, but it's probably a good idea to hedge your bets just in case someone doesn't take the hint when you send them a copy of the guide with PLL circles in red.

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