Enter to Win The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Series on DVD

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The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Series

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Complete Series could be yours for eternity! This passionate eight-volume collection traces the sexy, supernatural vampire love triangle between beautiful Elena Gilbert and hunky Salvatore brothers Stefan and Damon, from their first meeting at Mystic Falls High through college, and to their ancestral roots in New Orleans, with prologned visits to hell and back. Elena's diary entries, filled with longing and tragic loss; Stefan's steadfast devotion to right and wrong; and Damon's cynical, devil-may-care attitude are the touchstones of this pulsing, action-packed romance that grabbed vampire-loving viewers worldwide by the heart...and never let go.

You'll be able to relive your favorite moments as often as you want, and satify your thirst for more with steamy, special extras and bloodthirsty bonus features--if you're the randomly selected winner of this big prize giveaway!

So sharpen your fangs and get entered using the form below. You can take one or more options to increase your chances of winning. And be sure you've familiarized yourself with our Rules and Regulations for our giveaways.

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