The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

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Jumbies don't exist. At least that's what Corrine La Mer thinks. Jumbies are legend, trickster creatures used to scare children. But when Corinne runs into the forest and finds herself staring into a set of yellow eyes she's not so sure anymore. And when a mysterious, beautiful woman shows up at market, everyone is talking about her. Corinne doesnt know what to think. but when the beautiful woman shows up at her home and takes interest in her father, it sets Corinne on edge. And as the mysterious woman starts to take hold of Corrine's father, she must band together with her friends to save her father and her island from the Jumbies that most certainly are more than legend.

The Jumbies is a story rich with adventure and folklore. I had never heard of the Jumbies before, but enjoyed exploring the legend behind them alongside Corinne and her friends. While the book was a little slow to find it's footing and get the story going, once acquainted with Corinne, her friends, and the island she lives on, the adventure really found its legs and led to an exciting and unique tale. Corinne is a brave and fun heroine to follow, and her friends are loyal and courageous. They all have a unique bond and share an exciting adventure together.

I recommend the Jumbies to any young readers who enjoy strong heorines and stories rich with unique legends. This story has magic within and a lot of heart.