Voting for Best of 2017

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Best of 2017 Graphic

Another year has come and gone. The sanitation workers have hauled away the last vestiges of torn Christmas wrapping and boxes, our heads are still buzzing a little from staying up way too late and drinking way to much. And on top of that, the shirt that fit us just fine last October seems to have shrunk in the dryer or something!

But with all that, we've not forgotten that the new year brings with it the voting for the best of last year! So please take a look through the categories below, where the team at Critical Blast has suggested what we think are the Best of the Best of 2017. And because we're not infallible (rumors of selecting new staff members through white or black smoke signals to the contrary), we've got an "other" option in almost every category so you can correct us with what we should have suggested!

Remember that the winners receive an actual engraved trophy from Critical Blast, and the top in each category will be announced in late February. So please, make your selections, share with your friends, and don't mind us as we test out this experimental hangover cure. Thank you, and here's to a rockin' 2018!

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