April Showers Us with New Cosplay: Critical Blast Bombshell RavenGlitch!

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Critical Blast Bombshell April 2018

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, and we kick off the month with the Easter celebration! And what an Easter egg we have for our readers this month, as we introduce to you our latest cosplay master.

And with Easter on everybody's mind, what better and cuter way to hop right into things than with Judy Hopps, the feisty police bunny from Disney's ZOOTOPIA? Sure, it's not Peter Cottontail, but nobody among our peeps have been complaining.

Gentle readers, it is with great pleasure and delight that we introduce to you our...

Critical Blast Bombshell, April 2018


Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps (ZOOTOPIA)
photographer: Roberto Fioravanti

What is your interest in cosplay?

The thing I like the most in cosplay is the ability to bring something to life, something that before was only in your mind (and on a lot of sketches and flying notes). I like the design phase (the first of all and the most important to me), to imagine a certain fabric, material or paint for the effect I want to achieve. And then I like the feelings and the satisfaction during the crafting phase, when you can see your “baby” starting to grow, and of course the last phase, when you put on your complete cosplay and… You made it! You can be one of your favourite character for one day! I love to play them in their personality (for example, when I was Sadness from Inside Out, I was sobbing and sighing all the time and people love so much my impersonation).  Least, but not last, I met wonderful people and some of my dearest friend!

What was your introduction to cosplay?

I love comics since childhood (my first love was Uncle Scrooge, when I couldn’t read yet) and during high school I also fell in love with Japan, manga and anime world. So in 2008 I went to my first comic convention and finally knew what cosplay is! That time I helped  my sister with her first cosplay, and the year after I did my first cosplay too! It was Aerith from Final Fantasy saga!

How has your cosplay evolved since you began?

I learned so much more about materials and techniques as long as my cosplay experience grow on. I’m very precise and detail-oriented (I’m a pure Virgo, you know?). Certainly now I would re-do some of my first cosplay in a completely different way from then.  As years go by I developed a “crush” on armor crafting and bodypainted characters. In some of my cosplays I often have at least my face painted, even when it’s not necessary (for example with Judy Hopps or Sadness) because I like to do a little “level up” with bodypainting and special make up!

photographer: Marcello Mariano

What's your "secret identity" outside of cosplaying?

In everyday life I’m a graphic designer in a publishing house (it’s also a communication agency for pharmaceutical companies).  I have a full time contract so my cosplay and crafting time has decreased drastically, in fact I mainly attend only conventions in my city and I often do big final rushes to complete my cosplay in time!

What kind of social or charity events do you get involved in with your cosplay?

Until now I’ve never participated in any charity event, but I wouldn’t mind at all! Regarding social activities I’ve been part of a Sailor Moon themed maid café (I was Setsuna/Sailor Pluto) and now I’m helping my friends of my Love Live group with another maid café event in May!

Do you make as much of your own costume as possible or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying?

I always prefer to make as much as possible of my costumes because, as I said, it’s one of the things I love the most. My mother helps me a lot with sewing ‘cause I haven’t so much time (and especially so much patience like her!) and my sister do all the resin casting and priming for my armors (again, with the patience I don’t always have, lol).
I also buy some cosplays when it’s more convenient than starting from scratch (lower prices, particular fabric motifs, school uniforms, etc.). 
I don’t think that making costumes is necessarily obligatory overall to cosplaying, indeed I also consider interpretation so much important. But crafting is of course half the fun and you can have more quality!

What is your favorite cosplay, your "go to" look that you just love to put on and act out?

I don’t get to choose so easily… I definitely love to be Raven (especially the Teen Titans version) ‘cause she’s one of the character I most easily relate to. But I also love my funniest, craziest and especially comfortable cosplays, just like Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph and Nico from Love Live that allow me to have more and more fun!

photographer: Antonio Serini

Where can people find you online?

For now I post my cosplay only on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravenglitch. I don’t know yet if I will open an account on other platforms. I also have an Instagram page with my LOVE LIVE group that I mentioned before at https://www.instagram.com/loveliveromeproject. And finally, I’m planning to open a RedBubble and an Etsy account with my graphics creation for apparel and stationery! Stay tuned on my Instagram for updates