Jackass: Complete Movie and TV Collection

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Jackass Movie and TV

Nobody likes to get hurt doing something stupid. But everyone loves to see it happen to someone else!

This giveaway features the complete unrated TV collection of JACKASS, and all 7 movies: JACKASS THE MOVIE, it's sequels, and BAD GRANDPA!

For a chance to win this prize, just get in this shopping cart and light this pack of firecrackers while we push you downhill. If you make it across the Interstate without hitting a single car, then...

Excuse us a moment, our lawyers are trying to get our attention.


Right then. We're back.

So it seems our insurance doesn't want to carry us any longer if we proceed as planned. But we have an alternative method. It's not nearly as fun (or funny) but it keeps us in business.

So now all you have to do is take one or more options from the form below. (But if you want to do it blindfolded while trying to grate cheese, we can't stop you.) (We also can't encourage you, either. Damn lawyers.)

And yes, they've also told us you might want to look at our Rules and Regulations page. If you want to. We're not going to make you.

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