Hey Galilee! You've Got Friends at Critical Blast!

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Galilee and Mom

Every once in a great while, a cause arises, a call that requires the action of heroes -- some super, some magical, some simply out of this world.

This time the call came from a little girl named Galilee -- okay, specifically it came from her mom via Facebook, because Galilee is only 5 years old. But it was a call nonetheless. It seems Galilee was having a very common problem with an enemy we've all faced in our lives: bullies.

To be sure, people around the world began to respond. But it caught our attention here when it entered the world of the cosplayers, thanks to a cosplayer named Savannah Marie.

"I met Galilee about two years ago at Cincinnati comic con," Savannah tells us. "I remember her so well because she had this beautiful red hair and was so overly excited to see me."

"I’ve been cosplaying for about 5 years total," she says. "Galilee's mom, Hannah, actually put out a Facebook post asking people to take pictures and say 'Galilee, you have a friend in ____' and I instantly decided I’m going to put my Harley Quinn costume back on and do her a video as well. Which then lead me to say, 'Wait, I can get so many more of my followers and friends in on this.' So, for the sake of her and her mom being able to see them all, I created the hashtag #heygalilee. In regards to my following, I’ve always told myself, 'I will stay humble and always do this for the kids.' Months ago I almost quit cosplay, and I got a message from Hannah saying she wanted to add me on Facebook so she wouldn’t lose touch just in case I did. She likes to remind me the effect I’ve had on Galilee and really hit me in my sweet spot. So I truly owe them a lot."

The hashtag caught fire. Savannah's followers passed it along to their followers, and soon Instagram was filling up with superheroes faster than a summer crossover event!


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Not only is the hashtag catching on -- the message is getting delivered. "Hannah and I have been talking back and forth, and she's actually been responding to some of them," says Savannah. "I’m excited to see Galilee's response."

It's an object lesson in the ability of people to come together and show their better angels. "Honestly, a lot of love has come from this," says Savannah. "I’ve found new friends because of people sharing the story. But, this isn’t about me. It’s about her, and getting messages from Hannah has been amazing. It’s been hard to keep up with every post, but fun."

Hey, Galilee! You've got a friend in Critical Blast, and a whole lot of others.

But you're really lucky to have a Savannah Marie!