Insomniac's Spider-Man Swings Into Position for Best Game of 2018

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Spider-Man PS4 Best Game of 2018 from Insomniac

As with prior years, 2018 was a wide-open field of new electronic and online games, and our readers let us know their favorites. Of particular interest this year was the inclusion of some old-school games given new twists -- tabletop and board games, which, while never excluded before, made their presence known well enough that we can safely say that rolling dice and drawing cards is going to continue to be as much of a favorite pastime as pressing buttons.

Still, the electronic games dominated, and small wonder. People are more plugged in than ever, whether at home or with friends in front of a console, or tapping away on their smart phones. And it's not just all just idle time spent on Candy Crush; there are a good number of people visiting the online gaming sites where they can gamble for real cash -- and if this Drake Casino review is any kind of a bellwether, people are pretty happy having that kind of a gaming outlet.

This year, however, the winner was a console system game -- and folks, the competition wasn't even close.

With Rockstar's RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 coming in third with 12% of the vote, and Nintendo's POKEMON: LET'S GO for the Nintendo Switch system the runner-up with 15%, it was Insomniac's PS4 game, SPIDER-MAN that webbed up all the competitors, beating all comers with a whopping 43%!

That's a shellacking, and the competition ought to take notice!

And remember what I said about board games making an appearance this year? Check out who came in fourth place: that's right, it's that old stalwart, MONOPOLY, with a Mario Kart twist. (It also shows up sixth in its FORTNITE edition.)