2019 Critical Blast Bombshell of the Year: Natile Cosplay

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Natile Cosplay 2019 Bombshell of the Year

Critical Blast wraps up its spate of announcements for the Best of 2019 awards with the revelation of 2019's Critical Blast Bombshell of the Year, as decided by our readers.

Every month, Critical Blast evaluates the cosplay skills of various participants in the hobby, looking for those who stand out not just in their costuming skills but also in how they apply that talent. And every year those twelve cosplayers are added to our annual ballot to determine who will take the next step from Bombshell of the Month to Bombshell of the Year.

Voting in this category was fairly even, with the topmost vote-getters separated only by a percentage point each.

However, the cosplayer selected by our readers outpaced the runner up by a margin of seven percentage points, taking in twenty percent of all the votes cast, making her the clear winner.  

Natile Cosplay was our October Bombshell of the Month and impressed readers with her diverse takes on not just cosplay standards like Batgirl and Harley Quinn, but also more esoteric characters, like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

For more information on Natile Cosplay's work, check the link above to see her October 2019 profile, which will lead you to her social media accounts.

And be sure to check out the video below for the official announcement and a special acceptance speech by Natile Cosplay herself!