Generation Justice: Stargirl Episode 109, "Brainwave"

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Stargirl Episode 109. Brainwave

We've mentioned before just how much fun it is for comic book geeks to watch STARGIRL. The references to the original Justice Society, the hints and easter eggs, are all things that make our inner comic nerds grin from ear to ear.

And tonight was no exception. In fact, they ratched it up to eleven early in the episode.

Courtney (Brec Bassinger) barely survived her battle with Shiv (Meg DeLacy) -- her high school classmate, Cindy Burman, and daughter of the villainous Dr. Ito, the Dragon King (Nelson Lee). Dr. Ito is thought to have died a long time ago, but Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) believes differently. He fought the Dragon King several years ago -- alongside a completely different team of heroes: The 7 Soldiers of Victory!

Yes, if you are a long-time comics fan, you may now take a moment to squeal.

And better than just a passing reference -- Pat digs out a photograph of the team, which he shows to Courtney -- which we reproduce below, shared to the public by the wonderful folks over at the STARGIRL AFTERSHOW podcast! (Be sure to go check them out.)

That's the Crimson Avenger and Wing. The Green Arrow and Speedy. Sir Justin, the Shining Knight. Stripesy and the Star-Spangled Kid. And the Vigilante. Nothing updated for modern television audiences here -- this is the original, real deal, and we love it!

During her fight with Shiv, Courtney learned that her classmate Henry King Jr. (Jake Austin Walker) had exhibited his Injustice Society father's same mental abilities, making him another Brainwave. She wants to recruit him into the ranks of the new Justice Society. But Shiv knows it too, and has passed that information along to her father, who rewards her by locking her away in his dungeon. Dragon King then informs the ISA that they no longer need the senior Brainwave to wake up from his coma -- they can use his son's psionic ablities to power the weapon that will allow them to take over the minds of a six state area, creating their goal of a New America.

Courtney's idea to recruit Henry Jr doesn't go down well with her JSA pals -- particularly Yolanda Montez (Yvette Monreal), who was humiliated when a photo of herself she had texted to Henry made the rounds at school. (My money is still on Cindy Burman doing this, not Henry.) But their feelings may not matter anyway -- because Henry Jr. has been learning more about his abilties, and about his father's history with them from a supply of videotape diaries he discovered. And he's not wanting any part of Courtney's offer -- especially when he learns she's the reason his dad is in a coma.

In the comic books -- specifically the INFINITY, INC series, which featured the sons and daughters of the Justice Society -- Brainwave Jr. was a hero. The jury is still out on whether the television version of the character will follow the same path.

But it sure is going to be fun finding out.

5.0 / 5.0