How to Watch any Anime Online Easily

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Want to watch any anime series and films hassle free? You’re in good luck. Anime is no longer the small niche it was a decade ago. Thanks to the growing trend of streaming films and TV programs on networks like Netflix and Hulu, anime is now a global phenomenon.

That means you can watch new and classic anime shows regardless of where in the world you live. It also doesn’t matter whether you use an Android smartphone or the latest Mac computer. If you want to watch anime, these are the best websites to use.

#1: Crunchyroll

If you’re looking for a free website to watch anime, Crunchyroll fits the bill. It’s an American website that features 1000+ Japanese anime films and shows in their original language. The shows are subtitled although there are a handful of them also dubbed—original audio is replaced with English audio.

The beauty of Crunchyroll is free. But there are two caveats. First, all free shows use standard 480P resolutions. Also, new episodes take a week to before they’re available to free subscribers. The solution, predictably, is to subscribe for a monthly fee of $7.99.

Then you get the website’s comprehensive library of 1000+ shows through HD and full HD resolutions. Also, you get access to new episodes one hour after they’re released in Japan.

#2: Netflix

Whether you like it or not, Netflix is one of the best streaming networks for anime shows. The streaming giant is home to lots of popular shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Exorcist, My Neighbor Totoro, One-Punch Man and Blood of Zeus.

Netflix might not be free. But it beats Crunchyroll with its neat, user-friendly interface, 4K videos and licensed anime shows not available elsewhere in the US. It also provides some of its manga films outside of the country. Additionally, it also comes with the advantage of featuring a lot more shows and films besides anime.

On the downside, most of the best shows are limited to people in the US. The only way to watch them is to use a good VPN. Virtual Private Networks can give you an IP address based in the US, allowing Netflix to show you movies it usually saves for American viewers only.

The best VPNs work across all major devices, from iOS and Android to Mac and Windows computers. They have servers in multiple countries, which helps you unblock streaming content in numerous regions. And they also protect your data to keep it safe from hackers.

#3: Funimation

Funimation is a dedicated anime website that mainly targets English speakers. It has a huge catalog of anime shows like Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom, On Ice, and Mob Pyscho 100 Yuri!!! A few years ago, Funimation had a partnership with Crunchyroll: Both websites used to share a section of similar anime shows.

The partnership has since ended but there are reasons to love or hate either website. Crunchyroll, for example, displays most anime shows using Japanese language. This makes it a great fit for people that appreciate anime shows in their authentic nature. If you’re okay with dubbed content, though, Funimation is the better site.

#4: Hulu

Hulu is another great option for anime fans in the US. It’s a bit cheaper than Netflix at $11.99 (Netflix costs $13.99). But it’s only available in the US, meaning you need a VPN to access the site if you’re on vacation or live elsewhere.

Like Netflix, though, Hulu provides a lot more content besides anime. If you watch a few manga shows and feel like switching to classic American comedies, you have that option. That said, the best anime shows to watch on Hulu are Afro Samurai, Naruto, Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Kill la Kill and One-Punch Man.


Kiss Anime is a free anime site with an impressively large collection of free anime shows and films. It has a beautiful website that runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices. What’s more, it provides a good balance of sub-titled and dubbed content.

It also categorizes its content neatly so that you can scroll through different shows based on their genre: Fantasy, Mecha, Drama, Magic, Thriller and Yuri anime to name a few. Alternatively, you can use the search features to find a specific title.

Another helpful feature is a place to make requests. Whether you want a new show added or you want Kiss Anime to work on its website, you can make a request and even get a reply in that regard.

#6: Anime Freak

Most anime streaming websites are free and Anime Freak is no exception. However, they also tend to make money through adverts. And as you probably know, ads can be pretty annoying. Unfortunately, inconvenience is the price you have to pay if you choose to watch anime shows on Anime Freak.

It has hundreds of shows and films, most of which you can browse by genre. There is 30+ genres on the website, from Mystery and Fantasy to Drama and Action. You can also navigate through shows by categories, making it easy to progress from where you stopped last time.

#7: MyAnimeList

My Anime List is one of the most popular websites for anime reviews. If you want to watch top-rated shows and don’t know where to start, visit this site. It lists anime and manga in different categories—the way it should.

It also features a community/forum section where hundreds of anime fans meet to share their thoughts about different films and series. That said, the platform also features hundreds of anime and manga shows, from Yuru Camp to Boruto.

The way My Anime List works is that it features new episodes first, which can be a tad confusing to beginners. However, it also allows you to search for specific shows and episodes. Unfortunately, many shows on the website are available only in a handful of countries. You can easily hide block videos so that you only see content available in your country. Or you could use a VPN to watch all shows on the site.