Finding the Best Slot Games for You

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Finding the Best Slot Games for You

One quick online search for slot games like Rainbow Riches will reveal that there are hundreds of games available for you to play – and if you are new to slots, the range of options might be overwhelming.

Slot games have always been popular, with both serious players and those looking for a bit of fun. With success in a slot game based on chance rather than skill, getting started with slots is easier for most than trying to learn the rules of a card game, for example.

From the early days of slot machines, the action of making reels spin to match symbols has always been the draw, but today it is more about the different themes, the multiple ways to win, and progressive jackpots that can make playing on slot machines quite a lucrative way to spend your time, if the reels fall right.

With all that in mind, finding the right game to play can be confusing, so we have put together a list of things that you should think about when you are choosing.

Find the right casino.

There are dozens of online casinos that you could choose from, and the things to think about when it comes to choosing where to play.

Look for the following when you are choosing:

  • Are they licensed and regulated? All online casinos that operate in the UK should be regulated and registered with the UK Gambling Commission, which means that they must maintain certain standards of safety and fairness – making it a better place to play.
  • Do they offer multiple deposit and withdrawal options?
  • Are there bonuses on offer for signing up?
  • Do they offer other casino games as well as slots?
  • What to other people think of them? Looking for reviews (outside of the casino website) should give you some sort of idea of what the experience would be like for you.

Signing up for an account is usually quick and easy – and completely online – so you can get playing as quickly as possible.

Think about themes.

For the beginner, one of the most important decisions to make is the theme of the game. Do you want to play a game based on your favourite movie or TV show? Or do you want to play one of the more classic themes, like the Ancient Egyptians, fishing, or happy Leprechauns? The theme of your game might not have any impact on the results, but it will make it more enjoyable for you to play.

What’s the RTP?

This might seem like some strange jargon, but it is quite important. The RTP (Return To Player) rate describes how much is paid out to players on the game.

This information is usually provided in the paytable and in the description of the game and is shown as a percentage. Most games are around 95%, which means that for every £100 deposited, the game pays out about £95.

The other thing to know about the RTP rate is that it will tell you what the ‘House Edge’ is. The house edge is the money that the online casino makes off each game and each player.

Essentially, then, the higher the RTP percentage, the more the game should pay out.

Check the rules.

While some of the classic games have straightforward rules – press the button and spin the reels – others have more complicated rules that go with it.

You’ll find the rules on the paytable. Here you will also find what happens when certain symbols are matched on the game, such as triggering bonus games, free spins, or even instant wins. You’ll need to know what the minimum and maximum stakes are, and what the jackpot you could win is.  

The paytable will also tell you how many paylines there are. These are the areas on the reels where symbols will fall and you can win. The more paylines, the more opportunities you get to win.

Is there a demo game?

Even on the cheaper games, playing something new without practicing puts your bankroll at risk. Many online slot games offer a demo game which allows you to get to know the game, playing through some of the bonus rounds, and seeing what the wild and scatter symbols do. A few rounds on a demo game will make you feel more confident about adding some real cash into the mix.

How much do you want to stake?

The last question is one that is truly personal to you and your circumstances. You are the only person who knows how much you can afford to spend on the games – so choose your stakes accordingly. The lower the stakes, the more games you can play, even if that means that you feel you aren’t as likely to win the big one.