Have you ever wanted to see Marty McFly, Gandalf, and Batman team up? Check out Lego Dimensions trailer!

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From Mashable:

WB Games just put Skylanders and Disney Infinity on notice with the reveal of a new toys-to-life Lego game called Lego Dimensions.

The $99 starter pack (per Toys R Us listings) includes the game, a Lego Toy Pad (think Skylanders' portal), Lego Gateway building bricks, three Lego minifigures (The Lego Movie's Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle), and a Lego Batmobile. The game is in development at TT Games, the UK-based studio behind WB's Lego franchise.

There's no word on whether Dimensions affects release plans for Lego Jurassic World and Lego Marvel's Avengers, both of which are pegged for a 2015 release.

Dimensions draws its narrative inspiration from The Lego Movie, as Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle set out to save friends who have been sucked into mysterious vortices that appear without warning in various Lego worlds. The reveal trailer above teases appearances from a diverse array of fictional universes, including DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future and others.

WB plans to release a number of add-on sets to go along with September's starter pack, and promises other add-on pack releases in 2015 and 2016.

  •     Back to the Future level pack with a Marty McFly mini-figure
  •     Lego Ninjago Team Pack with Kai and Cole mini-figures
  •     Three Ninjago Fun Packs with Jay, Nya and Zane mini-figures
  •     Two DC Comics Fun Packs with Wonder Woman and Cyborg mini-figures
  •     Three Lord of the Rings Fun Packs with Gollum, Gimli and Legolas mini-figures
  •     Four The Lego Movie Fun Packs with Emmet, Bad Cop, Benny and Unikitty mini-figures
  •     A Wizard of Oz Fun Pack with a Wicked Witch of the West mini-figures

"Toys to life" games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity marry virtual worlds and physical toys, with tech built into each action figure that the given game's portal can read and interact with. In the case of Skylanders, figurines unlock new playable characters and store their individual save data. Disney Infinity mirrors some of the action/RPG-style play from Skylanders, but adds a world-building Toy Box mode that is reminiscent of Minecraft.

Lego Dimensions is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U on Sept. 27.

Source: Mashable

Commentary: Part of me does think the market is oversaturated with these collectible figure games.  Whatever happened to the good old days where you plop down your $50 and have the entire game.  Now you have games where you have to buy figures and discs and everything else just to unlock all the features.  It's criminal!

My kids love Disney Infinity, but it's definitely a cash sink.  They haven't gotten into Skylanders, thankfully, And I'm not even sure what the point of Miibos are. 

BUT, all that aside, my cynical nature immediately fades away when I look at that picture of Marty McFly running away from Gollum and the Wicked Witch of the West on the yellow brick road.  THIS JUST LOOKS SO FUN!!   The trailer they posted definitely caught my eye immediately, Batman and Gandalf teaming up?  Take my money please!!  Lego has a huge advantage over the other collectible figure games with the variety of licenses they can use.  This should be a real cool game...I just hope they can keep the cost reasonable.