Villains Spotlight for Voltron: Legendary Defender (With BONUS Video Clip)

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Every hero needs a villain, and with VOLTRON launching on Netflix this Friday, we spotlight the antagonists for the 'Legendary Defender'.

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While 'Robeasts' are more popular and marketable, they tend to be throwaway creatures. Created to battle Voltron, they would not have a purpose if it weren't for these three ruthless baddies:

EMPEROR ZARKON – voiced by Neil Kaplan (“Power Rangers,” “Naruto”)

Emperor Zarkon is the ruthless leader of the Galra Empire. 10,000 years ago, Zarkon fought to steal the Voltron lions from King Alfor. Ever since Alfor sent the lions to the far corners of the universe, Zarkon has been on a quest to obtain Voltron once and for all.

COMMANDER SENDAK – voiced by Jake Eberle

Sendak is a cold-blooded fighter and Zarkon’s number one military leader. He lost his arm during his time on the front lines and has had it replaced with a robot appendage featuring a nasty claw and a laser blaster. He will do anything he can to defeat Voltron and earn Zarkon’s respect.

HAGGAR – voiced by Cree Summer (“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Dawn of the Croods”)

Haggar is an ageless, psychic witch and a loyal advisor to Zarkon. Over the years she has formed a coven of druids, her own order of followers to do her bidding and aid her evil plans. Together they create the Robeasts to battle Voltron.

The pilots of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER are going to have their hands full with this group of villains. Thankfully, they have a few tricks up their sleeves (somewhat literally). As an added bonus, check out this intense clip of Shiro taking on Commander Sendak in hand-to-hand combat:

VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER premieres, exclusively on Netflix, THIS Friday (June 10th, 2016) with a one hour origin story and 10 twenty-two minute long episodes!