Ring in the New Year with Our First 2017 Bombshell, Dallas Bryant!

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Dallas Bryant as Ram from Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

New York may have dropped thet ball, but not us here at Critical Blast. It's a national holiday, but we're still set to continue bringing out cosplayers who deserve to have a light shined on their creativity and hard work.

Ringing in the new year as our first Critical Blast Bombshell of 2017 is Dallas Bryant, whose initial audition entries simply blew us away. (Her Snow White alone should earn her a spot in the Walt Disney World parade!) And if you're a fan of manga and anime, then you'll be particularly excited by Dallas's true-to-life interpretations of Ram from RE: ZERO KARA HAJIMERU ISEKAI SEIKATSU (inset, left) as well Elizabeth Liones from THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (below). I know we certainly were. It's great to see someone devote this much time and effort into making such a perfect transition from page to real life for characters that many fans may not know all that well. It's good for the cosplayer, and it's good for the product.

Happy New Year to all our readers, and we would love to hear your comments about this month's feature!

Critical Blast Bombshell, January 2017

Dallas Bryant

Interest in Cosplay: • I've always found it fun to cosplay. I've always loved to be creative and try out various different makeups and looks. Cosplay is a fun thing to do for me because it's fun to completely transform yourself into a character.
Introduction to Cosplay: I first got into cosplay when I was about 11 or 12. I was kind of sad due to some personal problems I had, and happened to stumble upon all these different fandom things. They made me happy, so I began to want to dress up as well. I originally only wanted to cosplay anime and gaming, but in the last two or so years I've gotten into comics and tv show cosplays more. I first cosplayed Luppi Atenor from BLEACH and went to a con as him. It was fun, and I loved seeing everyone dressed up. That experience made me realize that I love to cosplay, so I began to think of more characters to be and started working on improving my cosplays.
Secret Identity: I work at a retail store as a seasonal worker at the moment. I go by various names as a cosplayer; prodominately, Rose, Celestial Princess Cosplay, or Strawberry Princess. Sometimes people even call me by the characters I cosplay, such as Lucy Heartfilia.
Social Activities: I've only ever done two things for little kids as Snow white, but Ive always had an interest in cosplaying for charity events or going to hospitals as a character and making kids feel better.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? I think whether bought or made it doesnt matter as long as you are having fun. I recently am starting to make my own costumes, but I usually buy them. Ahri from LEAGUE OF LEGENDS will be my first 100% made costume. I'm hand-sewing all nine tails (she is a nine tailed fox girl).
Favorite Cosplay: My favorite anime cosplay is definitely Lucy Heartfilia from FAIRYTAIL. I love being her because I just relate to her personality, and just love to be confident and strong like her. My favorite comic cosplay would have to be Harley Quinn from BATMAN because I love being crazy like her, and talking in her voice. Shes so fun to act like. I would have loved to have been her in a movie honestly!
Facebook: @CelestialPrincessCosplay
Instagram: @Celestial_Princess_Cosplay

Dallas Bryant as Seven Deadly Sins' Elizabeth Liones