Best Pop Culture Gambling References

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Pop culture is usually a reflection of real life and in both cases, we see references to gambling. Art imitates life and these pop culture references definitely reflect this pastime!



Krusty the Clown’s Sports Betting

Few shows manage to capture life quite like The Simpsons does, it’s pretty much the epitome of pop culture. Krusty the Clown is Springfield’s loveable comedy character and he hits rock bottom on more than one occasion. We all know someone that isn’t great at betting and boy does Krusty fall into that category.


He bets against the Harlem Globetrotters in an episode, which every basketball fan will know is a big no no. In typical fashion, he loses it all and subsequently rushes out in a fluster.

Casino Royale

It’s hard to think of gambling without thinking of the illustrious 007 springing to mind. Whether he’s gambling his cash in roulette or working the house, this international man of mystery is all things suave and cool. If you ask most people, this is the gambler that they want to become.

The topic of which version of James Bond gambles the best is the subject of much debate but by the numbers Daniel Craig’s incarnation is the highest grossing. He wins £66million on the tables of Casino Royale, something we all wish we could do.

The Babadook

This thrilling movie redefined what we thought about the horror genre and there were some light hearted moments in there too. In one scene, our daring main character takes on the bingo halls to add a bit of support to her community.

While this isn’t exactly hard gambling, we’d much rather hit bingo sites instead of the halls. Even more enticing if they’re the top bingo sites like the ones on as we’re less likely to bump into the old hags from this movie!

The Gambler

If you’ve not sung along to this hit song at least once in your life then you’ve not lived! This Kenny Rogers classic is popular among players around the world, even in the UK and as far afield as Japan. Just a few bars of this melody while you’re playing and you’ll be a seasoned gambler in a flash.

Hearing this song will most likely get you wanting to play a hand of poker or two, just make sure you know when to hold them!


This movie is really up there with some of the finest gambling based pop culture around. The story just has all the classic elements; the underdog, the set up and the big win. It’s a feel good film that will make you believe the world of gambling isn’t all that bad after all. It’s full of clichés of course, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

If you’re a true gambling fan then seeing this game in the public eye will no doubt make you quite happy. All of these pop culture outlets take a humorous jab at the industry and any gambler will have a laugh.