RC Pocket Racers: A Kid's Review

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RC Pocket Racers Fury

It's September, which means the toy industry is in full court press for the dollars of parents who want to be sure they get their kids the hottest toys on the market.

This year one of those toys taking up the airwaves is RC Pocket Racers, a remote-control rechargeable car about the size of your average Hot Wheels or Matchbox car. All that sounds pretty cool, because it would be kind of fun to put such a vehicle on your original designed orange plastic tracks and send a car around it under its own power.

We picked up one of these as-seen-on-tv items from our local Walmart for the advertised price of $19.95 (saving us the shipping and handling). After putting batteries into the combination display case / charging station / remote control, we let the car charge overnight, which was more than enough time for the internal car battery to take a charge. After that, the moment was at hand to experience the thrill of sending a miniature car zooming across the hardwood, running loops around the furniture, and zipping it past the cat to see if he'd chase it.

Expectations, however, often meet with results that crush them. Here's one experience.

And there you have it. When it comes to the different RC vehicles out there on the market, the RC Pocket Racer doesn't seem to be able to get off the starting line.

1.0 / 5.0