Ace Frehley to join Gene Simmons for Australian Tour

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From Ultimate Classic Rock:

They've certainly had their ups and downs, but it looks like Gene Simmons and his former Kiss bandmate Ace Frehley have enjoyed their recent reunions. In fact, Frehley will join Simmons for a series of upcoming tour dates in Australia.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Commentary: The timing of this is pretty funny, I have had Ace on my mind the last few days.  Thanks to my brother-in-law, I have been a long time fan of KISS, especially Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.  Since I started working on Ryback's podcast CONVERSATION WITH THE BIG GUY, I ended up with the nickname of Ace.  And during Wrestlemania, when they were advertising next year's Wrestlemania in New Jersey/New York, they played a god awful cover version of BACK IN THE NEW YORK GROOVE, which is just about my favorite Ace Frehley song (I also love SHOCK ME).  So it kind of feels like kismet to hear that Ace and Gene will be performing together.  According to above link, Gene has also done a few shows with Peter Criss. 

Can we please, please, please get one last KISS reunion show? It doesn't even need to be full makeup or full stage spectacles like they usually do.  Just four guys who I love playing the music I love to hear together one last time.