Pacific Rim: Uprising Blu-ray Combo Pack

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Pacific Rim Uprising

Ten years after the events of the first film, the Kaiju return in Pacific Rim Uprising with a new deadly threat that reignites the conflict between these otherworldly monsters of mass destruction and Jaegers, the human-piloted super-machines that were built to vanquish them.

You may not be able to put on a giant robotic suit and fight monstrous kaiju, but you can still join in the adventure with this Blu-ray combo pack. And trust us, it's a whole lot safer to stay behind the keyboard, clicking a few options, and entering for a chance to win than it is to pilot a Jaeger!

So what are you waiting for? Oh, that's right -- you've got to click over to the Rules and Regulations first. Okay, do that, then do your duty to Earth and join the fight with other contestants for the big prize!

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