Jamie Foxx to play Spawn

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From Variety:

Jamie Foxx is set to star in the latest “Spawn” from Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse Productions, sources confirm to Variety.

McFarlane, who created the original comic, is on board to write and direct the pic. He will also produce with Jason Blum.

Source: Variety

Commentary: It's about time we've gotten some more information about this proposed new SPAWN movie.  Jamie Foxx getting the role is just awesome!  I have been reading SPAWN for a while now.  Even after 280+ issues, it continues to be one of the most consistently good comics out there.  The movie from 1997 wasn't even a bad movie, it just never felt like it captured the character quite right.  I genuinely have no idea if Todd McFarlane can write or direct a movie, but at least he has a strong sense of what SPAWN is all about.

The last issue that came out (#284) actually had a huge spike in sales, putting Spawn in the top 25 selling comics of the month.  Maybe it showed up in some kind of Loot Crate or something like that, but it's nice to see SPAWN continuing to be relevant after all these years.