RWBY Volume 5 Showcases Teamwork and Friendship

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RWBY has many lovable characters that share their experiences with each other, and demonstrates what teamwork and friendship can really accomplish.

The show is an animated series focusing on four young women whose stories intertwine, even though their intentions lead them down different pathways. After an unintentional meeting at Beacon Academy, the four become Team RWBY, and together overcome things that they thought were impossible before, providing support to each other both in battle and at school.

The animation is a computer generated style, different than a traditional style of anime, but that is one of the many features that makes RWBY so unique. Not only does the animation make RWBY an appealing show, but the characters also add an element that many shows don’t always have. Each character has a distinctive personality and backstory, and their appearances create an interesting diversity of human and faunus. This year RWBY is celebrating its fifth year as a successful show, as well as celebrating its past seasons, which have given us the plot and characters we all know and love today. As a gift from Rooster Teeth to all of its RWBY fans, Volume Five will now be coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD so everyone can enjoy the show at home! 

Volume Five comes with two discs, one with all the episodes and the other filled with tons of cool bonus features such as three character shorts, a behind the scenes look at the making of each episode, a RWBY manga sampler, and a documentary explaining how RWBY came to be, as well as trials and errors the cast, crew, and creators went through to create such an amazing story.

RWBY is a very creative, fun, and lovable series that tells a unique story of four girls discovering what it means to grow up and work together as a team. So head on down to the store, grab your copy, and pile up on the couch with all of your friends, family, pets, and snacks to watch another amazing season of RWBY!