Holy Retro TV! Could Caped Crusaders have Comeback in CW's Crisis Crossover

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Crisis Batman Robin

The news from CW about the next season's huge crossover (just around the corner, really, with episodes in December 2019 and January 2020) continue to tease fans with new potentials at every turn. With the recent revelation that KEVIN CONROY will be appearing in the event as an older Bruce Wayne, it's easy to think he may be playing the Bruce Wayne seen in BATMAN BEYOND.

But there's also the possibility he's playing an entirely different Batman -- perhaps a kinder, gentler, exceedingly poite and moral Batman.

Earlier it was revealed that BURT WARD would also have a role to play in the upcoming CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Ward, of course, played Robin in the 1960s Batman television show, opposite of Adam West. With the addition of Conroy to the multiversal cast, it raises the potential likelihood that what we may get to see are a retired Dynamic Duo -- a Batman and Robin who, on another Earth, had their heyday in the swinging 60s and 70s.

Given that we now are getting BRANDON ROUTH as the Kingdom Come version of Superman, and that characters from BLACK LIGHTNING are now confirmed to take part in the event, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is becoming an "anything goes" environment, one that makes it fun to speculate on what we might see, until this December.