Our March Bombshell is a Living Doll: The DC Doll!

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Bombshell March 2019 DC Doll

The breezes of March are upon us, and in some of the southernmost parts of the country trees are already blossoming. (For those of you still buried under record snows, be patient.) The month that's noted for in like a lion, out like a lamb will have many turning their thoughts toward flying kites, playing baseball -- and getting the final touches on those cosplay costumes for the spring and summer convention circuit!

So as the temperatures outside begin to warm and strong winds bring a change of weather, find yourself a cozy spot and prepared to be blown away, as we proudly present to you, dear readers, the much anticipated...


Critical Blast Bombshell, March 2019

The DC Doll

Red Lantern Laira (DC COMICS)

What is your interest in cosplay?

I first got into it because I love Halloween, and a friend from work said it was like Halloween on steroids (which it kind of is). Then I got involved in a local charity group, and it just kind of exploded from there!

How did you get into cosplay, and what was your first cosplay experience?

My first experience was amazing! I went to Anime Banzi as Mai from The Last Air Bender, and everyone was just so warm and welcoming. I was hooked.

How has your cosplay evolved since you began?

I’ve really evolved on the makeup aspect of it. Thank Jebus for YouTube! Looking back on old photos, I’m very much, “WHAT WAS I DOING?!” 

Silk Spectre - Sally Jupiter (DC COMICS)

What is your "secret identity" outside of cosplaying?

I set up appointments for people. 

What kind of social or charity activities do you get involved in with your cosplay?

I love setting up group photoshoots with local cosplayers. I and about 40 other Marvel cosplayers did a shoot to remember the late Stan Lee, and it was beautiful.

I’m also at the gym and running on the trails to keep in super hero shape!

Do you make as much of your own costume as possible or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying?

I try to have as much custom-made things as possible, to separate me from others. Hence why I’ll bug SIQ when something is past my skill level. If I do get something store bought, I always try to tweak it in one way or another.

What's your favorite cosplay, your "go to" look that you just love to put on and act out?

I really love being Harley and Catwoman. Both are so fun, powerful, confident and sexy in their own ways.

Harley Quinn (DC COMICS)

Where can people go to find you online?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedcdoll/

Instagram - @TheDCDoll

(In tribute to our recent live interview with Jim Balent and Holly Golightly, included here is The DC Doll's adaptation of the Balent-era Catwoman! We think it's purr-fect!)