How to Choose an Online Slots Game You'll Love

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Choose an Online Slots Game You'll Love

Whether you’re an avid player or looking for some light entertainment, finding the right slots games can enhance your experience and maximise your enjoyment. So, how do you go about finding the best games for you? Take a look at these top tips now and you’ll find it easy to choose games that combine the right features and deliver the most exciting gameplay:

1. Try Different Themes and Graphics

If fun is the most important aspect of playing online slots, you’re going to want to choose a game that has an innovative theme and mesmerising graphics. Developers put an immense amount of effort into creating the most immersive and impressive gameplay experiences, so you won’t have to look far to find a theme that you fall in love with. From super-popular TV and film-themed games to mystical adventures and epic battles, there are online slots games to suit every interest.

2. Look Out for Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot can add a little extra excitement to your game and give you the chance to increase your winnings. Instead of having a set amount as the maximum pay out, a progressive jackpot continues to increase until it’s won. In games like Gold Rally, a digital readout is located above the reels, so you can watch the progressive jackpot climb as you play and monitor how much you could win in real-time.

3. Check the Payback Percentage

Games with a higher payback percentage give you more of a chance of recouping your stake, which is a major factor for many people when choosing which online slots to pay. When you’re playing a game with a payback percentage of 97%, for example, you’re likely to win a higher amount of your stake back than if you’re playing slots with a payback percentage of 92%. While there are never any guarantees, many people prefer to play slots with high payback percentages as it can minimise losses and increase wins.

4. Consider How Long You Want to Play For

If you’re playing online slots to keep yourself busy for a few minutes, you might not be too worried about minimum stakes and variance. However, if you want to enjoy extended gameplay and really immerse yourself in a game and its story, this might be more relevant. After all, a minimum stake of 20p will allow you to play for longer than a minimum stake of £2, regardless of what you set your budget at.

When it comes to online slots, variance is a measurement that refers to how much your bankroll is likely to fluctuate. High-variance games can be prone to rapid swings, so you might win big or not at all, for example. In contrast, low-variance games typically provide a steadier experience, with fewer fluctuations in your bankroll.

5. What Device Are You Playing On?

Before you decide what online slots games to play, be sure to check that they’re available on your preferred devices. Fortunately, mobile gaming and apps make it easy to use phones and tablets to play slots. In fact, many of the latest titles are designed with mobile gameplay in mind. However, if you switch between a desktop, laptop, and phone, you might want to choose online slots that offer a great experience across all types of devices.

Find Your Favourite Online Slots Games

While you can (and should!) research games before you play, the easiest way to find your new favourite online slots is simply to give them a try! With low minimum stakes and even free demos available, you can sample new releases and old classics to find your go-to games.