What are Competition Sites, and Why Should You Use Them?

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Competition Sites and Why to Use Them

It’s hard to get what you want these days. There’s so much consumer tech available that it’s almost impossible to buy everything you want, especially if you still want to have money left over to travel abroad or to pay for projects you want to complete on your house. There’s no doubt about it; if you want to keep up with trends in tech and other areas, then you need to be a lot richer than many of us are, and that’s a problem that’ll probably only get worse as time goes on.

That’s where competition sites come in. These platforms make it easier to get consumer tech at a lower price; all you need to do is pay for tickets (although some sites make their competitions free) and hope that you win. It’s a lottery of sorts, sure, but it puts you closer to devices you may not otherwise be able to afford, and at a much lower cost to you. Here’s our lowdown on competition sites, what they are, and why you should think about using them.

Competition sites put you into a draw to win prizes

At their core, competition sites are effectively a lottery in which you pay for tickets that give you a chance to win prizes. Many competition sites will offer up-to-the-minute tech by way of rewards if you win; these can include new smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other tech like games consoles and even household items. Our favorite competition sites, like ​​https://competitiongo.co.uk/, always have a range of prizes available, and will allow you to enter into competitions for very versatile draws so that even if you don’t see something you love, you can guarantee something else will be along soon.

Some sites make you pay, others are free

Many competition sites offer their competitions for free, but others will ask you to pay for tickets. Generally speaking, it seems to us that the sites that ask you to pay for tickets offer better prizes; it stands to reason that since they’re charging you, they can use that money to get better rewards to offer you. Many competition sites allow you to purchase multiple tickets, too, in order to increase your chances of victory. If you’re given the chance to do so, it’s a good idea to avail yourself of it, as this can mean you stand a better chance of winning your prize!

Competition sites are vetted by platforms like Trustpilot

Most competition platforms understand that there can be a trust issue when it comes to handing over your money. That’s why you’ll usually find ratings on Trustpilot to help you discern whether a particular platform is worth your time or not. If you see a negative Trustpilot rating, be sure to delve into the reviews and discover the reason behind it; you may find that there’s a good explanation, or you may find that the platform is simply unscrupulous. Either way, a good competition site has reviews publicly available to view, so if you don’t see any, that could be a red flag.

You can often win cold, hard cash

Don’t like the look of the prizes on offer on your favorite competition website? That’s fine; most competition platforms will also offer you the chance to win simple, straightforward cash rather than any item in particular. There’s pretty much nobody in the world who couldn’t stand to benefit from more cash (save, perhaps, the ultra-billionaires currently paying to go to space), so if you see the chance to enter a competition in exchange for cash, it’s probably a good idea to go for it. We know what we would do if we won!

You can often meet a community

Much like online casino platforms, the best online competition websites will frequently have communities that build up around them, offering commiserations and congratulations to unlucky losers and fortunate winners. Competition sites can actually be a great way to meet new friends; by entering competitions, you’re automatically on a level playing field with everyone else who enters them, so you’re creating a sense of community simply through participation. This goes double for competition platforms that have active social presences!

You could win a holiday

It’s official: holidays these days can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re looking to go fairly far afield or to go somewhere that’s a popular tourist destination. Competition platforms can help you to bypass this problem; if you manage to win a holiday - which many competition sites offer - then you won’t need to pay a penny beyond the entry fee for your ticket. Good competition platforms offer destinations as wide-ranging as Europe, Africa, the Americas, and anywhere else you could want to go, as well as cruise ship destinations and more!

We hope this guide on how to use competition sites, as well as whether or not they’re worth your time, has been useful. If you pick the right competition site, you’ll have a great time and potentially win something into the bargain, but remember: a victory is never guaranteed on a competition site. In essence, you’re being entered into a random draw, so it’s important to maintain realistic expectations and remember that you’re never guaranteed to get a prize. Kick back, have fun, chat to your fellow entrants, and hope for the best, but enjoy it for the experience more than for the reward itself!