Come see Marvel's Ant-Man Trailer

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This is the trailer Marvel posted this morning.  It definitely looks like it will live up to the terrific movies Marvel has been putting out the last few years.  I'm still not sure Ant-Man needs his own movie, but at least the movie does look pretty awesome.  I laughed when Lang says "my days of breaking into places to steal stuff are over.  What do you want me to do?" and Pym replies, "I want you to break into some place to steal some stuff." 

If nothing else, the effects look incredible.  And the Yellowjacket costume looks incredible.  I was actually thinking that Pym was going to end up having a split personality and secretly be Yellowjacket, but the trailer definitely suggests otherwise. 

Shameless self-promotion: Ant-Man is one of Critical Blast's most anticipated movies for 2015!

Enough out of me, let's check out the trailer: