Tim Curry returning to Rocky Horror!!!!

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Hollywood Reporter announced that Tim Curry will be returning to Rocky Horror!  For Fox's upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Show musical, Tim Curry will be playing the narrator!  Charles Grey played the role in the original play and movie.  Curry joins a cast which already includes Laverne Cox as Dr.Frank-N-Furter (the role Curry made famous in the original play and movie), Adam Lambert as Eddie, Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan as Brad and Janet, Reeve Carney as Riff Raff, and Staz Nair as Rocky Horror  Kenny Ortega will be directing.  

I am a huge Rocky Horror fan.  Before my kids were born, we used to do Rocky Horror every year at my apartment.  So I am very excited to hear that Tim Curry will be in this version.  That gives it a huge boost in credibility for me.

Just an aside, I got to see Dick Cavett to play the Narrator on Broadway a few years ago...it was one of the first few shows he did, and Cavett seemed a little thrown off by the audience yelling at him.  We went back a few months later, and Cavett was far more comfortable in the role, yelling right back at the audience.  I wonder how Curry will do in the role, especially since there probably won't be rowdy theater goes yelling at him (which ruins the whole point of Rocky Horror).

Source: Hollywood Reporter