Riverdale - The Complete Second Season (DVD)

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The second season of CW's RIVERDALE was a dark and tumultuous ride, as the town found itself under siege by the Black Hood, a masked killer who sought out those he had deemed sinners. And as Archie seeks revenge for the shooting of his father, he gets in deeper and deeper with the dangerous Hiram Lodge, with all debts coming due in the jaw-dropping season finale!

With the third season getting ready to drop, now is the best time to binge the entire second season so that you're all up to date on the action with Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and the rest of the Riverdale Bulldogs and Vixens to find out what happens next! And Critical Blast wants to help you in that endeavor by putting up for grabs this entire second season on DVD! All you have to do is use the following form below to enter. Notice that there are multiple options -- you can take all of them to multiply your chances of winning!

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Episodes in the second season -- many of which have been reviewed here at Critical Blast in our almost-regular installments of Pep Talk -- include: