We Rave Over Laurie Berkner's Dance Remix Album

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Laurie Berkner The Dance Remixes

Laurie Berkner’s latest, THE DANCE REMIXES, is one of those albums that took me by surprise, for a couple of reasons. I have been a long-time Berkner-holic, and as such thought I would know what to expect whenever she would put out a new album. Surprise number 1.

I also thought I knew what each of the songs on this album might sound like as a dance remix, based on the fact I knew the songs so well and also on the first fact above. Surprise number 2.

When I put the CD into the player and turned up the volume, it was instantly apparent that I was not in “Berkner-Kansas” any longer! I was in the midst of a rave! Wait, what did I just type? Laurie Berkner songs remixed into a modern day rave? Yes! And let me tell you, the remixes of these songs, while having vestiges of the originals intact, are in no way like the originals. But that is a good thing.

Now, I know there are purists out there that might be saying to themselves, “Sacrilege!” But I’m here to tell you, wait just a doggone cotton-pickin’ minute! We as fans who have grown up listening, or had children grow up listening to Laurie’s music, must be open minded.

In many respect the kids of today, and indeed the parents of those kids of today, are not the same as us. In fact, may find the dance-ability of the original versions of these songs a little blase’ for them. Here now is a chance for these new parents of the two-thousand-teens to be able to turn up the volume, click on the strobe lights, and get that bass thumping against their chest with those electronic keyboards in their ears, and still be able to listen to songs where the lyrics won’t offend anyone and actually make them happy, all the while letting it go!

That’s fun, and this album is Fun with a capital “F” (that wasn’t just a typo back there).

While I freely admit it took me a couple of plays to get used to this new sound, it was more of me getting myself to let go of my pride in thinking I know what these songs should sound like, and everyone should like what I like. Once I let go and let Laurie and the new remixes take hold of me, I couldn’t help but enjoy what I was hearing. I got up and raved and proceeded to throw my shoulder out (it’s tough to get old), but I didn’t care. I was having too much fun now!

Those new to Laurie’s music might find these remixes exactly what they were hoping for. I just hope they keep their minds open for when they listen to Laurie’s more traditional albums.

It just goes to show you, though, how when someone as talented as Ms. Berkner stretches herself and reaches out to listeners in a style that clicks with them, the sky is the limit.

Even though in the liner notes of the CD Laurie gives credit to others for coming up with the idea, it was and is Laurie’s immense talent that brought it to life.

I am pleased that preconceived notions can be happily expunged, and I can tell you I will not have any preconceptions going forward for Laurie’s music again. I’ll just wait for her to wow me again. A lot of pressure to throw on a musician, but mere child’s play for someone as talented as Laurie Berkner.

Whether kid or adult, if you want to hear some good music that will make you happy and feel good, then put this on at your next party. Don’t tell anyone who it is (preconceived notion thing) and just sit back watch them dance and let go and have a good time.

Now, I’m not going to go into the songs. They are all some of Laurie’s best, and the recordings are mixed so as to get you to get up and dance, not sit down and just listen (even though so of the songs were originally about dance to begin with). So I’ll just say here, clear the floor, pop it in, turn it way up, and rave on!

Recommended 4 out of 5 for high fun factor.



  1. We Are The Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)

  2. Drive My Car (Dance Remix)

  3. I Really Love To Dance (Dance Remix)

  4. Bumblebee (Dance Remix)

  5. Monster Boogie (Dance Remix)

  6. Where Is The Cake (Dance Remix)

  7. I’m Gonna Catch You (Dance Remix)

  8. The Cat Came Back (Dance Remix)

  9. Telephone (Dance Remix)

  10. BOOTS (Dance Remix)

  11. Rocketship Run (Dance Remix)

  12. Shake Your Body down (Dance Remix)

    Bonus Tracks

  13. Victor Vito (Dance Remix)

  14. My Family (Dance Remix)

4.0 / 5.0