Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could Deliver Holiday Fun That’s Fun for all Holidays

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Revvin up the reindeer

What do you get when you mix The Brian Setzer Orchestra; Sharon, Lois & Bram and The Vince Guaraldi Trio? An album that brings together several styles of music in a holiday recording you will enjoy, regardless of which holiday you celebrate.

Starting with the first song “Revvin’ Up The Reindeer,” things get up and boogying with a 50’s big band sound reminiscent of The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Given that first song, you might think this is a Christmas-only album, but it’s not. While many of the songs are, indeed, about Christmas, there are several dedicated to Chanukah and some even with references to Kwanzaa. This is a change from traditional Christmas holiday music for some, but not if you are a fan of holiday music (as I am), then there are several songs that I found very similar in nature to Sharon, Lois & Bram, who put out one of my favorite holiday albums several years ago that has songs inclusive of both Christmas and Chanukah. And in the spirit of harmony, the songs “It’s Christmastime” and “Hanukkah Rocks” are right next to each other in order.

I really enjoyed listening to this album, as it gave me many different viewpoints of the holidays in many different styles. Even the CD disc is printed on top to look like a vinyl record--so traditional and yet so new!

There are some songs that have a jazzy beat to them, such as the aforementioned “Hanukkah Rocks,” which if the words were removed would make you think of the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s “Linus and Lucy” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” (The lyrics are quite fun too!) There are funny songs, such as the polka beat “New Accordions,” which has some of the most fun and well-rhymed verses of any song on any Christmas album, and songs with a Dixieland beat like the trombone and crying trumpet of “Baby New Year.”

This is also a very touching album, in that it never fails to forget that love and peace is what is at the root of the holidays. The softly sounded “Peace be To All,” and the traditional sounding Christmas hymn “Christmas Peace,” are chock full of beautifully crafted lyrics.

Whether you are celebrating the birth of the Savior or celebrating another miracle of God’s love, this album allows you to enjoy everyone by keeping the spirit of goodness at the forefront and heart of each song. And no matter what style of music you like, this album has something for you this holiday season to put you in the spirit.



  1. Revvin’ Up the Reindeer

  2. Holiday Jam

  3. It’s Christmastime

  4. Hanukkah Rocks

  5. Trim the Tree

  6. Untanglin’ The Christmas Lights

  7. Rainbow Candles

  8. New Accordions

  9. Baby New year

  10. Christmas Peach

  11. Can’t Sit Still

  12. Christmas Wishes

  13. Peace Be to All

4.5 / 5.0